Fun-Schooling with Reptiles & Amphibians Research Challenge

Fun-Schooling with Reptiles & Amphibians Research Challenge

Hi all,

Based on the last blog post "Something to consider: is research a skill we need to teach?"

We have several families who have said they would like to join Em and I and work in Fun-Schooling with Reptiles & Amphibians journal.

Read the blog post for the coupon code to purchase the physical journal. If you have purchased the pdf and printed it, you are more than welcome to use that too.

We will be starting the challenge on 06 March 2023 and do 1 animal per week. To complete by 31 October 2023.

3 families have a chance to win 2 journals of their choice. Spot prizes will also be up for grabs throughout the challenge.


Giveaway & Spot Prize Rules:

  1. A parent and the child (or children) must each have their own journal. The goal is for us to teach our children how to research (read the previous blog post)
  2. Be a member of the Fun-Schooling in South Africa - With Thinking Tree Books Facebook Group.
  3. Comment below and on Challenge Post in the Facebook group of your participation before 20 March 2023 to be eligible for the giveaway and spot prizes.
  4. Post your 1st photo in the thread of the journal and the resources you will begin with (you can add more resources along the way).
  5. A weekly post per animal will be created. In that thread, post photos of completed journal pages, activities, websites, podcasts, YouTube links, etc.
  6. Completion of journals by 31 October 2023. All photos must be submitted by this date.
  7. Winners will be announced on 6 November 2023.


We would be grateful if you could also do the following:


By participating in this challenge, you acknowledge and confirm that the photos posted can be used by Fun-Schooling SA.


You are welcome to share the information regarding the challenge. Direct your friends here to the blog or to the Facebook Challenge Post.


I hope you are all as excited as we are!!

Happy Fun-Schooling!!


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We are going to join you all. We have the journal and one of my daughters has already finished it! But I twisted her arm to have another go and see if she can go deeper this time with all of us involved together. Its a great initiative Alene thank you.

Charmaine Goddard

Very exciting, we’re in!

Carmen Kloppers

We are definetely in!

Tasmin Rootman

Just bought out books! Super EXCITED!!! Can’t wait to get them and start the challenge!! Have a look on Scribd using Herpetology as your keyword to search. Tons of research books, story books, audiobooks and podcasts to use!!!

Wilma Fourie

We would love to join if you do this in future with other journals, my kids are unfortunately not into reptiles and amphibians.

Lindi de Jager

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