Flip to Fun-Schooling!




There are 2 ways to get started with Fun-Schooling:

1. Choose a Grade Level Curriculum Bundle​.

Each Grade level has 3 different choices, typically for boys, girls, and a bundle for struggling readers/Dyslexia. You’ll need 6-9 books from the library or elsewhere to pair with the Core Curriculum journal.

Then simply add on a math program/book to the bundle.

2. Customize a Curriculum by choosing individual books.

(If you are new to Fun-schooling use the grade levels for guidance)

  • Core Curriculum Journal: Choose a Core Curriculum Journal based on your child’s interest. Have your child with you to help choose which journal interests them the most.  Any of them will work.  They are built with different child’s interests in mind.
  • Language Arts: Add in a Language Arts Have your child look at the options with you and see what piques their interest, any of them will work.
  • Math: Now add on a Math book/program.  There are many good options here.  We highly recommend that you supplement with others such as Life of Fred, Prodigy.com, and KhanAcademy.org. 
  • History, Geography, and Social Studies: We frequently combine History, Geography, and Social Studies in our books.  Ask your child “What do you want to learn about?” as you look at the list of books.
  • Science: In most grades, we have additional Science books which make Science fun!  We often use the outdoors and the real world around us to inspire Scientific study.
  • Electives! So many fun choices; Baking, Music, Gardening, The Arts, Sports etc. What does your child love?


You can make a weekly plan which includes different books on different days or do something in each book every day.

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