About us

Alene found Sarah Janisse Brown from The Thinking Tree about 8 years ago, when her oldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia. She contacted Sarah when she realized that the Dyslexia Games and the Thinking Tree journals may be the right fit for him.

As Alene lives in South Africa purchasing the books is costly as the exchange rate, shipping and customs duties all contribute to the high prices of the journals. 

Occasionally Alene was fortunate to get free pdfs when Sarah generously gave them away, and was also able to purchase pdfs on websites that have since closed down.

Then in 2020 as a result of many children not being able to go to school, Sarah started making more pdfs available on her site. 

Alene again reached out to Sarah along with a few other South African parents and the Fun-Schooling in South Africa - With Thinking Tree Books Facebook Group was created. The group grew to over 2000 members in a little over a year!

In December 2021, Sarah and Alene then spoke about printing the journals in South Africa, thereby making them more affordable to South African Families.

Fun-Schooling South Africa (Pty) Ltd was born!