Welcome to Fun-Schooling SA!!

Welcome to Fun-Schooling SA!!

Today is the first step in our blogging journey.

Here we hope to bring you information about Fun-Schooling, how we use it and how other homeschoolers are using the journals.

How did it all begin?

About 10 years ago, Sarah Janisse Brown, designed a new style of homeschooling called Fun-Schooling.​ Fun-Schooling is fun for kids, effective at helping them learn, and EASY for moms!​ To read more from Sarah go here

We found Sarah just over 9 years ago when our oldest son was diagnosed with dyslexia. We contacted Sarah when we realized that the Dyslexia Games and the Thinking Tree journals may be the right fit for him.

As we live in South Africa purchasing the physical books is costly as the exchange rate, shipping and customs duties all contribute to the high prices of the journals.

Occasionally we have been fortunate to get free pdfs when Sarah generously gives them away, and were also able to purchase pdfs on her website. 

In December 2021, Sarah and Alene spoke about printing the journals in South Africa, thereby making them more affordable to South African Families.

Fun-Schooling South Africa (Pty) Ltd was born!

Every time a Journal is sold on Fun-Schooling SA, Sarah and the Thinking Tree LLC, receive royalties.

Sarah then distributes them to her authors and collaborators. All proceeds from the Ukraine journals are paid over to Sarah to send to those families.



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