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(Age 11+) 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Journal - Fun-Schooling Christian Families

(Age 11+) 6th, 7th & 8th Grade Journal - Fun-Schooling Christian Families

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For Christian Families: Study 20 Interesting and Relevant Topics - 365 Delight-Directed Learning Pages, Ideal for ages 11-14, (6th-8th grade)

This is our most challenging journal for students this age, they will study 20 different topics in this journal, while focusing on their passions!

They’ll need access to library books, audiobooks, tutorials, documentaries, and classical music to get the most out of this journal as they cover the basic school subjects. This book is sure to delight all students, especially struggling and reluctant learners. We included Bible study time in this book as well for Christian families to grow in faith together.

Activities Include:

  • Introduction to Classical Literature
  • Online Math Tutorials
  • Copy work
  • Storytelling with pictures and words
  • Logic
  • Film & Documentary Study
  • Spelling Games
  • Drawing Lessons
  • Reading 8 (or more) Library Books chosen by the student.
  • Creative Writing
  • Social Studies & World News
  • Nature Study
  • Life Science (Animals)
  • History
  • Doodling
  • Listening Time (Audio Books)
  • Colouring with Coloured Pencils
  • Economics - Exploring Jobs & Occupations
  • Bible Study
  • Prayer Making List
  • To-Do List 


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