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(Art & Logic Therapy) 06 Candlelight - Art & Logic Therapy - Brain Games with Psalms

(Art & Logic Therapy) 06 Candlelight - Art & Logic Therapy - Brain Games with Psalms

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Brain Sharpening Therapy for All Ages!

Inspired by Dyslexia Games Therapy to renew and refocus the minds of individuals suffering from brain fog, ADHD, and anxiety.

Completely new puzzles and artwork by Sarah Janisse Brown, creator of Dyslexia Games This book is the fruit of a research project for women with symptoms of "Brain Fog" related to Covid-19, pregnancy, aging, declining mental health, stress, and learning challenges. Over 700 mothers participated with interesting and hopeful results.

Instructions: Look at each page and decide what is missing. Finish the pattern, solve the puzzle, or use logic to complete the picture. Add color as you relax and listen to peaceful music. Coloring gives your brain time to process the therapy.

How the Games Work: The pages include highly detailed drawing activities, number games, word, and letter games, and logic puzzles. This book focuses on word games. The words in this book are the top 150 misspelled words in the English language.

The games were originally created to create new connections in the brains of dyslexic students. These same connections can help anyone to create new mental pathways for optimum brain function and healthy synapses. The idea is simple. When you do a new activity your brain is forced to create new pathways. These activities will be unfamiliar to your brain at first. Some pages may seem simple, some may seem confusing and complicated. The idea is to give your brain a workout as you combine creativity, logic, symbols, literacy, and problem-solving in a fresh way.


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