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(Age 8+) Bird Watching Journal

(Age 8+) Bird Watching Journal

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Nature Study & Backyard Science Get to know all the Birds in Your Neighbourhood

This is a research journal for bird watchers of all ages.

Bring this book with you on your adventures into the forest or into your backyard. You will need a few tools to help you complete the activities in this journal, including a bird identification handbook or field guide for your region, coloured pencils, binoculars, a camera, and some videos or documentaries about local birds.

You will research, observe, and study the birds that you happen to see while you are out bird watching. Find out the name of each bird in your area and learn everything you can about it! What do they eat? What do their eggs look like? What sounds do they make? Do they migrate? What kind of nest do they build? What is the difference between the male and female of each breed?

This book is perfect for creative students who love to draw, but if you don’t enjoy drawing just print photos and add them to this journal.

This book is perfect for anyone with a love for birds, but also can be used as a science curriculum for homeschooling any grade level.  

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