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(Age 7+) Fun-Schooling Curriculum - Homeschooling With Minecraft

(Age 7+) Fun-Schooling Curriculum - Homeschooling With Minecraft

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One full semester of learning! Cover every required subject. Just add math!

Fun-Schooling Curriculum - Homeschooling with Minecraft: The Beginners Journal Animal and Farm Theme

This Curriculum has 290 Pages of Minecraft related Homeschooling Activities and Educational Lessons.

This curriculum is designed for curious and active children who learn through play and discovery.

Children who are not interested in traditional schoolwork will love this method of learning because it's fun!

The theme of this book is farming, building, design and animals.

Every subject required in elementary school is covered in this curriculum.

Subjects and Topics Covered in the Curriculum:





Classical Literature

Classical Music


Addition, Subtraction and Multiplication Practice

Animals and Habitats


Computer Skills


Art, Drawing and Design

Creative Comics

Research & Library Skills

Unit Studies 


Brain Games

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