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(Age 9+) Do-It-Yourself Garden Research Handbook

(Age 9+) Do-It-Yourself Garden Research Handbook

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Designed for teens, but perfect for Ages 9+ (Younger students will need some extra help).

Homeschooling Science 80 Pages

What's Inside?

Table of Contents: 

4.  History of Gardening

6.  The Benefits of Gardening

8.  Garden Types

10. Gardening Tools

12. Types of Soil

14. Chemistry and Gardening  

16. Location for a Garden

18. Climate/Zones

20. Design in Gardening

22. Preparing Soil for Planting 

24. Composting 

26. Gardening Mistakes to Avoid

28. Invasive Plants

30. Preventing Invasive Plants

31. Natural Week Control

32. Good Bugs, and why we need them

34. Bad Bugs, and how to control them

36. Types of Plants: Annual, Perennial and Biennial

38. Flowers

40. Caring for Flowers

42. Vegetables

44. Caring for Vegetables

46. Fruits

48. Caring for Fruit Trees

50. Herbs

52. Caring for Herbs

54. Companion Planting

56. Seasonal Gardening

58. Gardening Month by Month

60. Harvest

61. Cleaning the Garden After Harvest

62. Plant Disease and Problems to Watch for

64. Nutrient Deficiency

66. Frost Protection

68. Drought Protection

70. Gardening Time

72. Your Projects and Ideas

74. Notes

78. Garden Designs


This book will guide you through the process of learning how to plan a successful garden. You will learn about caring for the plants your choose for your garden.

To complete the activities in this Journal you will need a few books about gardening, internet access for research, access to tutorials about gardening and coloured pencils.

Buy a gardening magazine to cut up and paste ideas into this journal.

As you work through this journal you will create a plan for your own garden. When you are ready to get started you will need seeds and gardening tools.

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