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(Age 9+) Homeschooling with Dolphins

(Age 9+) Homeschooling with Dolphins

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180 Pages of Dolphin Themed Homeschooling!

This unit study covers 6 different subjects and can be used for a complete curriculum for Grades 2 - 6! You will need to add library books, your favourite math program,  and videos about the ocean to make this course complete. You can use this book in different ways to meet your homeschooling needs. Most kids would use this book for all their homeschooling two or three days a week, using 8 pages per day to last a full semester. Some kids will use one page a day to last an entire school year.

Kids love homeschooling when they get to study their passions!
This book is excellent for use with a wide age range of siblings. Kids can work together on experiments and watch documentaries together. Kids learn amazing skills when they collaborate! Older kids can use library books on a higher level, younger kids can use books that are easier to read. You can also read together to help the younger children learn on a high level than their own reading abilities allow.

· Language Arts
· Science
· Geography
· Social Studies
· Math Time
· Art & Drawing

· Projects & Experiments
· Environmental Studies
· Documentaries
· Research & Library Skills
· Audio Books
· Conservation
· Cursive Writing
· Reading & Spelling
· Creative Writing
· Logic, Comics & Mazes


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