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(Age 10+) How to Make Money - Handbook for Teens, Kids & Young Adults

(Age 10+) How to Make Money - Handbook for Teens, Kids & Young Adults

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What Do You Want to Be When You Grow Up?

Ideal for ages 10+   

Set your pre-teen or teenage student up for a lifetime of success by putting this journal into their hands, an interactive guide to uncovering passion, igniting ambition, and providing the practical tools needed to set and accomplish financial goals. Covering subjects such as economics, social studies, and career planning, this journal can be beneficial for grades 6th-12th.

In a culture that pushes teenagers into debt-incurring career paths, this journal breaks the mould with a goal of self-sufficiency. If college is an aspiration, this journal will help a student explore their options of generating income as they work towards a degree. The entrepreneurial options are vast and interesting as this journal takes an exciting dive into more than eighty possible careers or income-generating hobbies, inviting the student into a process of self-discovery by asking engaging questions, not only, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” but also, “Who would you like to be NOW?”

This journal was designed to be used alongside library books, parent-approved websites, documentaries, and hands-on experience. With a variety of topics to explore and multiple resources to choose from, fun-schooling is delight-directed, independent, and educational all at once.

This journal promotes self-discovery, vision, productivity, independence and financial planning, making it the perfect addition to your homeschool year.

Use this book as a companion to the Thinking Tree Book "All About Money" 


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