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(Age 10+) Life Skills Activity Book

(Age 10+) Life Skills Activity Book

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Life Skills for Kids - a Fun-Schooling activity book to help kids prepare for real life.

Students will use library books and parent-approved websites alongside this journal to learn each of these skills:

first aid
how to converse on the phone
how to write a thank-you note
make a meal plan
write a shopping list
public speaking
how to be a good friend
online safety
make your bed
start a small business
food storage
meeting new people
studying for a test
table manners
caring for a house plant
time management
using a tape measure
how to read a map
gift wrapping
pumping gas in the car
knife safety
foot massage and reflexology
pumping gas
gift wrapping
tie a tie
library skills
reading maps
making tea
scheduling an appointment
taking care of your teeth
There are 36 skills in I all, so one skill can be covered each week in a school year.

With a variety of topics to explore and multiple resources to choose from, fun-schooling is delight-directed, independent, and educational all at once.

Additional supplies will be needed to practice these skills and get the most out of the learning experience.

Supply List: - A house plant - Your bed - A smartphone or computer to access applications like Zoom, Google Meet, etc. - A crochet hook and yarn - Sewing supplies - Telephone - Thank you cards, envelopes and stamps - Cleaning supplies - Teabags, stove or microwave to heat water - Tape measure - Iron and clothing - Dictionary and Thesaurus - Lightbulb - A tie - A vehicle - Map of your city - Knives - Wrapping paper, scissors, tape - Poster board, markers - Gas station.

Does your student struggle with dyslexia, letter reversal, or reading confusion?

This journal was printed with the award-winning Dyslexie font, created by Christian Boer to make reading simpler for dyslexic students.

This journal can be used successfully with students who have Autism, Dyslexia and ADHD. The book is perfect for both boys and girls and can be used with younger and older children. Younger children will need more help. 

See inside the journal here.

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