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(Age 5+) My First Reading and Research Workbook

(Age 5+) My First Reading and Research Workbook

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This book will keep your preschool or kindergartner busy learning for hours as they enjoy many different activities, games, and lessons.

Your child will actually study 10 different jobs that are very popular with little ones!

Your little student will learn poems, practice reading, practice writing and spelling with having fun! This workbook for ages 4 to 6 includes drawing activities, logic games, colouring pages, and research prompts.

There is a page in each section where the child will be encouraged to research a job. YES! Even curious little pre-schoolers and kindergartens LOVE to research! This is one of the reasons why kids and parents love Fun-Schooling.

When your child gets to the research page, they get a chance to watch a video or read a library book about someone with the job they are learning about. You can use PBS Kids, Mr. Rogers episodes, YouTube Videos, or interesting documentaries.

If you don't want your child to use screen time for research, they can learn more about each job from any book.

This little book is perfect for small children, but it helps them to feel very grown-up because they are learning about the world of jobs.

Little children are very curious about the things adults do, and we often forget how important it is to teach them about all the amazing opportunities grown-ups have in the big world. When young children learn about different jobs that adults do, they begin to catch a vision for what they want to be when they grow up.

Children often decide at a very young age about their dreams for a job when they grow up. It's a perfect time to teach them about many interesting options.

This workbook includes cute little poems about each occupation and gives the child a chance to practice reading and memorizing the little poem. This workbook also includes logic games, drawing games and mazes.

These types of activities are particularly with active children with big imaginations!

Reading, Writing, Drawing, Mazes & Games

Learn to Research Ten Different Occupations!











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