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(Age 11+) The Chef's Fun-Schooling Journal

(Age 11+) The Chef's Fun-Schooling Journal

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A full semester of Learning! Cover every required subject. Just add math!

This journal is designed to help aspiring chefs, ages 10 to 17, to grow and master their skills in cooking.

The Chef’s Fun-Schooling Journal is for all students interested in culinary arts. Students will work through Cooking Challenges, try new recipes and be creative.

To complete this guided learning journal students need cookbooks, cooking supplies, the right ingredients, a kitchen, a shopping budget, a store, and access to films and documentaries. This journal can be used daily for an intensive culinary unit lasting about three months or once a week to last all school year.

Topics covered include:

  • Cooking challenges
  • Global recipes
  • Illustration practice
  • Research prompts
  • Nutrition facts
  • Films and documentaries
  • Math practice
  • Super-foods
  • History of food
  • Holidays & traditions
  • Meal planning

Thinking Tree Learning Level: C1 & C2 For Ages 10+ 

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