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(Age 12+) The Writer's Fun-Schooling Journal - For Student's Majoring in Writing

(Age 12+) The Writer's Fun-Schooling Journal - For Student's Majoring in Writing

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Thinking Tree Books for Student Authors, Poets, Novelists, Journalists, Bloggers, Scriptwriters and Screenwriters

This is a Thinking Tree Core Curriculum Journal for teens who love writing. This workbook is perfect for student authors, poets, novelists, journalists, bloggers, scriptwriters, and screenwriters.

If your high school student is interested in a career in writing this curriculum is a must!

The Writer’s Fun-Schooling Journal is for anybody who is interested in writing. This journal is designed to help writers develop and improve their skills. Students will work through a variety of writing challenge prompts designed to enhance their creativity, expand their vocabulary, and improve their written communication skills.

To complete this guided learning journal, students need books, notebooks, and films/documentaries. Complete 5 pages per day for a 12-week plan or 10 pages per day for a 6-week plan.

Activities and Lessons include:

  • Planning & Setting Priorities
  • Writing
  • Creative Thinking
  • Character Development
  • Story Boards
  • Storytelling
  • Reading & Research
  • Writing Prompts
  • Genres of Writing
  • Film study
  • Oral practice
  • Vocabulary
  • Math practice
  • Illustration Practice
  • Lyrics and Poetry
  • And more
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